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It’s been a long time since our last prayer journal entry.  To get back on track quickly, here are the Reader’s Digest versions of of the last few weeks.

Week 19, Dec. 10: We stayed right at the steps tonight and prayed. Lots for our churches. Lots for each other as well. The attacks of the enemy seem to be ramping up. Opposition isn’t a bad thing or something to be afraid of. Greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world. We serve the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. All power has been given to Him in Heaven and in earth. He has conquered sin, death, and the grave. We have nothing to fear. His perfect love casts out fear.

Week 20, Dec. 17: Tonight we spent a lot of time praying for Alex. There are changes ahead in every area of his life. God will be testing him and growing him in amazing new ways in 2016.  He is covered in prayer!

Week 21, Dec. 26: For the first time since we started back in August, we didn’t assemble at the Capitol on a Thursday night. Christmas Eve everyone spent time with their family, friends, and church families. Two days later we got together for brunch (on what seemed like a spring day) at Alex’s house. We prayed for God’s blessing and provision for his family, and for his home to always be used as an instrument of ministry for the glory of God. We talked about the idea of beginning 2016 with a time of fasting and prayer for revival.

Week 22, Dec. 31: This night was EPIC! It deserves its own post (coming soon).

Week 23, Jan. 7: Tonight we took some time to share a lot of what God had been revealing to us during our times of fasting. Two of the key concepts that came up were “Obedience” and “No turning back.” We enjoyed a great time of unified prayer as we did laps around the Capitol building. We praised God for what He did on New Year’s Eve, and how that encouraged us to push on in prayer. Indeed He is moving in the hearts of His people. He cracked open an idea for our next regional event—an Easter sunrise service right there in downtown Albany. He’s has been so gracious to us with the weather on Thursday nights—this was the first night we actually needed to bundle up. We finally broke out the hats. We welcomed Sally to one of our regular meetings for the first time. Her vision and enthusiasm were an encouragement to all of us. The Spirit is moving!

Week 24, Jan. 14: We spent some very focused time praying for Lila. Interceding for one another as we push forward for God has got to be a priority for each of us. Jerry shared some notes that God had put on his heart in the past few weeks. Jeff talked about compassion, and asked us to pray specifically for God to show us ways to spur the church on to love and good works right in our communities—specifically referencing the immigrants, widows, and orphans. More on this in another post. We broke into groups of twos and threes for prayer time and again walked several laps around the Capitol. Linda came out for one of our regular meetings for the first time. God continues to bless our gatherings with brothers and sisters that bring perspective, history, and diversity. The body of Christ is beautiful in all of her God-formed shapes, sizes, colors and textures.

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