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During tonight’s prayer meeting we were joined by a young lady named Alyssa who has been visiting local prayer meetings with her ministry partner and praying with the Church to see revival in our area. Her visit was a blessing on a number of levels, and the testimony she shared with us was particularly encouraging because it confirmed and affirmed so many things God had been revealing to our prayer group recently. Alyssa gave us permission to share her testimony on our blog:

God has his eye on the Capital District. This is the place that He’s chosen for the last great outpouring of His Spirit. Essentially what’s going to happen is that it’s going to start in the Capital District, move into the northeast, down the east coast, and flow westward. It’s not like other revivals or awakenings—God is doing something new. He’s uniting the churches, and it’s not going to be about superstars, it’s going to be about the gifts of the Holy Spirit. So even if you’ve operated in multiple gifts in the past out of necessity, God is going to prune that away so that you’re really operating in one strong gift. The five are Pastors, Prophets, Apostles (which is essentially signs and wonders), Teachers, and Evangelists. They’re all going to be working together in a resource-kind-of-way.

God wants to start with healing and deliverances. The healing can be physical, spiritual, emotional, financial, or mental. Deliverance is freedom from oppression or generational curses. Unlike in the past or in movies, where people are screaming on the ground, God has given people lessons in deliverance—to start from the top and work your way down, and before you even start, to tell the demons to be quiet. As long as the person is willing it goes very smoothly—just like it did in Jesus’ time when He said “Go!” and they went. After that, people who have experienced deliverance and healing will go into ministry settings where they can be nurtured and shepherded. God will use the Evangelists to bring people in, Apostles to pray for them, and it will all be flowing together. It won’t be within the four walls of any particular church, because churches will be working together to help people find the right place to belong and grow and be receive ministry. It’s going to be sustainable because it’s about everyone sharing everything, building one another up, and working in our gifts.

God has been laying down dry wood across this area—the closer we get, the drier it gets. There’s tinder, kindling, and fuel—the small, middle, and big. When He’s ready, He’s going to drop that. In the last few weeks, He’s laid it on our hearts that He’s started. We’ve started to see more healing, deliverance, answered prayers, and unity. God is already breaking down racial, denominational, and socioeconomic walls. It has begun!

Such great news! As the sand slips through the hourglass, we can feel the urgency increasing. We all need to wait patiently on God for His timing, follow Him obediently, speak boldly as the Spirit leads, pray with power, and love generously. The time is here, brothers and sisters! Keep praying into this. God is moving.


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